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Vogue bans too-thin, underage fashion models as unhealthy

Vogue pledges to set a new standard: bans too-thin, underage fashion models from its pages. Modeling advocates applaud the decision as progress for improving unhealthy standards in the industry.

Vogue bans too-thin, underage models from its magazine, pledging to set a new standard for healthy modeling in high fashion. Modeling advocates applauded the decision, marking it as as important step forward for the industry.In this Feb. 15, 2012, file photo, models have their make-up finalized under runway light during Fashion Week, in New York.

Richard Drew/AP

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Vogue magazine, perhaps the world's top arbiter of style, is making a statement about its own models: Too young and too thin is no longer in.

The 19 editors of Vogue magazines around the world made a pact to project the image of healthy models, according to a Conde Nast International announcement Thursday.

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They agreed to "not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder," and said they will ask casting directors to check IDs at photo shoots and fashion shows and for ad campaigns.

The move is an important one for the fashion world, said former model Sara Ziff, who was discovered at 14 and has since founded The Model Alliance, dedicated to improving the working conditions of models and persuading the industry to take better care of its young.

"Most editions of Vogue regularly hire models who are minors, so for Vogue to commit to no longer using models under the age of 16 marks an evolution in the industry," she said. "We hope other magazines and fashion brands will follow Vogue's impressive lead."


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