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Teen texting too much? Get ‘Unbored’ advice book for having fun

 Too much teen texting in your house? 'Unbored: An Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun' may help parents get their kids to look up for a moment from their texting and actually engage in life beyond the screen.


The 'Unbored' Larsen family, from left, Peter, Elizabeth, and Walter, trying a recipe from Elizabeth's new book about how to have fun.

Minnesota Public Radio/AP

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In an age where young people are bombarded by screens of all kinds, a cynic might ask whether there is a place for an old-fashioned children's activity book.

Minnesota writer Elizabeth Foy Larsen believes there really is. She's co-authored a huge new volume called "Unbored: An Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun." 

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You wouldn't describe the Larsen's Minneapolis household as tranquil. She, her husband Walter, and their children Henrik, Peter, and Luisa are making "baggie bombs" – documented on page 26 of "Unbored."

The theory is: The liquids go in the baggie, then when the charge is added and the bag is sealed, the mixture will fizz up and the bag will pop. It's at that crucial juncture the family remembers it might be better to be outside.


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